Adrénaline Parapente

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Overcome your fears and enjoy the thrill of a unique adventure you'll never forget: a paragliding flight over Lake Annecy, one of the world's most beautiful sites! Free photo and video souvenirs!!!
A friendly team of qualified and enthusiastic professionals will accompany you. Our team is always eager to share their knowledge of the region and give you a feel of paragliding by letting you steer the wing during your flight! Treat yourself, or purchase our gift vouchers, available on our website, to make anything possible for your friends or family. We propose different flights: Discovery, updraft, prestige but also Apéro'Bloch for paragliding foodies who get to taste a selection of local produce after their last flight! In winter, we offer paragliding on skis.


Flight for children: 95 €. Discovery flight: 95 €. Ascension flight: 130 €. Sensations flight : 140 €. Prestige flight : 180 €. Apero'bloch flight : 150 € Prestige plus flight: 220 €.


Talloires, Talloires, 74290, Talloires-Montmin
All year round between 9 am and 7 pm during summer, and between 10 am and 4 pm during winter. Depending on weather conditions.